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Edward Halim is a third year business student at California State University of Fullerton with a concentration in Marketing.

In his early years, Edward's parents were offered a chance to let Edward skip kindergarten, in which they gladly took. Then later on, they were offered another chance to let Edward skips 7th grade. They gladly took that one too.Now as a 19 year old junior in college, he faces many skepticism from many. Yet he manage to convince skeptics that the lack of years in his age is not to be seen as a weakness, rather an advantage.

In his High school years, with the help of his dad, Edward started an online store phone card business that still exist and continue to generate income for him. Visit to see his first business.

In his second year of college, he partnered with a couple of students from CSUF and founded a screen printing and graphic design company. They are currently working on their Christian Clothing line, which to be release within the next few months.

In December of 2007, Edward decided to create a blog, with the intention of helping and inspire other young entrepreneurs. FOBlog currently only have a handful of readers, but with time more will come.

Recently, after talking with Ronnie Nurrs the author another young entrepreneur blog they have decided to co-author a personal finance ebook targeted at high school students to create finance awareness at an early year.


Edward enjoys reading and cool new gadgets. Technological advances turns him on.